Bring Bridgerton to Your Home: Regency Era Decor Tips

Exquisite Regency-era drawing room featuring a sumptuous chaise longue, ornate gilded mirrors, and a stately mahogany table against opulent brocade curtains, enhanced with crystal chandeliers, fine porcelain, and elaborate floral arrangements, embodying the lavish aesthetics of 1800s London high society.
Netflix’s Bridgerton has captured the hearts of viewers with its lush depiction of early 1800s London high society. The show’s set design, costumes, and overall aesthetic have inspired many to infuse their homes with Regency-era elegance. If you're a fan of the show and wish to recreate its luxurious charm, your local antique store might just be the treasure trove you need. Here’s how you can transform your home decor to echo the opulence of the Bridgerton era.
Elegant Regency era living room featuring a luxurious chaise longue, intricately woodworked Regency chairs and settees upholstered in rich fabrics, and furniture made from mahogany and rosewood, exuding historical charm and comfort.

 Embrace Elegant Furnishings

The Regency era was marked by elegant, yet comfortable furniture. Look for pieces with clean lines, gentle curves, and delicate inlays. Popular items from this period include:

  • Chaise longues and fainting couches: Perfect for a dramatic flair in your living room.
  • Regency chairs and settees: Look for pieces with intricate woodwork and upholstery in rich, sumptuous fabrics.
  • Mahogany and rosewood furniture: These materials were favored for their beauty and durability.

2. Add a Touch of Gilding

Gold accents were a hallmark of Regency décor. Consider incorporating gilded mirrors, picture frames, and candelabras into your home. These pieces add a sense of luxury and reflect the light beautifully, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  • Decorative Gold Trims: Adding gold trims to upholstery, draperies, and even table linens can subtly tie in the gilded theme throughout the home.
  • Gilded Mirrors: These are not only functional but also act as stunning decorative pieces that reflect light and make spaces appear larger and more luxurious. Their visual impact and practicality make them a focal point in any room.
A luxurious Regency-style room adorned with gold accents, featuring ornate gilded mirrors, elegant picture frames, and sophisticated candelabras that reflect light and create a warm, inviting atmosphere, embodying the opulence of early 19th century high society.
An opulent interior adorned with Regency-era textiles, featuring silk and velvet upholstery, brocade curtains, and damask wall coverings, complemented by needlepoint and embroidered cushions that enhance the decor with a personal and historical touch.

3. Luxurious Textiles

Rich fabrics are essential to achieving the Bridgerton look. When shopping at antique stores, keep an eye out for:

  • Silk and velvet: Ideal for upholstery, cushions, and draperies.
  • Brocades and damasks: These patterned fabrics were popular for curtains and wall coverings.
  • Needlepoint and embroidered cushions: These add a personal touch and a sense of history to your decor.

4. Porcelain and China

Fine china and porcelain were symbols of status during the Regency era. Displaying these items can bring a touch of sophistication to your home. Look for:

  • Blue and white porcelain: This timeless combination was particularly popular.
  • Decorative plates and teapots: Perfect for both display and use during your own high society gatherings.
Elegant display of Regency-era fine china and porcelain, featuring blue and white patterns on decorative plates and teapots, arranged in a sophisticated dining room setting, symbolizing the high society elegance of the early 1800s.
Sophisticated Regency-era interior featuring a collection of classic artwork including portraits, landscapes, botanical prints, and framed sketches and etchings, displayed in a cultured and refined living room, enhancing the historical elegance of early 1800s high society

5. Classic Artwork and Prints

Art played a significant role in Regency decor. Antique shops often carry artwork that can enhance the period feel of your home. Consider:

  • Portraits and landscapes: These were commonly displayed in Regency homes.
  • Botanical prints: These bring a touch of nature indoors and were very fashionable at the time.
  • Framed sketches and etchings: These simpler pieces can add elegance without overwhelming a room.

6. Lighting with Character

Chandeliers and candelabras were the main sources of lighting in Regency homes. When looking for lighting options:

  • Crystal chandeliers: These can be a stunning centerpiece in a dining room or entryway.
  • Brass and bronze candelabras: Perfect for adding ambient lighting and a touch of historical charm.
  • Oil lamps: These can be both decorative and functional, adding a warm glow to your evenings.
Elegant Regency-era dining room showcasing a grand crystal chandelier, complemented by brass and bronze candelabras and decorative oil lamps, exuding the opulence and sophisticated ambiance of early 1800s high society.
A sophisticated Regency-era table setting with intricate silverware, sparkling crystal glassware, and embroidered linen, arranged in a luxurious dining room that epitomizes the refined elegance and grandeur of early 1800s high society

7. Table Settings Fit for a Duke or Duchess

Hosting with a Regency flair requires the right table settings. To set a table worthy of Lady Whistledown's praise:

  • Silverware and serving pieces: Look for intricate designs and solid craftsmanship.
  • Crystal glassware: Adds sparkle and sophistication to your table.
  • Linen napkins and tablecloths: Choose high-quality materials in elegant patterns or embroidery.

Bringing the elegance of Bridgerton into your home is all about finding the right pieces that capture the essence of Regency-era luxury. Antique stores are filled with treasures that can help you recreate this glamorous look. Whether it's through elegant furnishings, rich textiles, or classic artwork, you can transform your space into a setting that would make any Bridgerton feel right at home.

For those inspired by the Netflix series, let your local antique store, like Black Lake Antiques & Collectibles in Olympia, Washington, be your guide to creating a home that exudes the charm and sophistication of early 1800s London high society. Happy decorating!